Condensate Stabilizer

Stabilize Liquids and Recover Vapors as Valuable NGLs

Safely stabilize condensates by reducing Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) to 10 or less and efficiently capture valuable Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) in wellstreams with Titan’s Condensate Stabilizer. It works by heating the condensate stream and then separating the light components in a tower.  Stabilized liquid product then flows to storage tanks, NGLs to a blowcase and off-gas to compression.

Features & Benefits that Ensure Performance

  • Available as fully engineered custom units or Titan standard design
  • ASME code stamped pressure vessel
  • Up to 5000 bbl/d
  • Up to 4 MMBtu/hr
  • Optional burner management system
  • Sour service options
  • Optional bullet tank