Glycol Dehydrator

Remove Water from Gas Stream to Achieve Pipeline Specifications

Titan’s Glycol Dehydration Unit is a reliable and efficient solution for removing water from natural gas streams to produce high quality gas. Consisting of a Glycol Regenerator and a Tower, the Unit works by passing the gas stream through glycol, which absorbs water to achieve pipeline specifications prior to injecting the gas stream into the downstream pipeline.

Features & Benefits that Ensure Performance

  • Available as fully engineered custom units or Titan standard design
  • Up to 72” diameter absorber towers
  • Up to 10:1 turndown
  • ASME code stamped pressure vessel
  • Up to 1440# pressures
  • Up to 250 MMscfd standard designs
  • Up to 2500 MBTU/Hr firetube ratings
  • Structured Packing or Bubble Cap Trays
  • Sour Gas Service options
  • Optional burner management system