Slug Catcher

Prevent Overloading Downstream Plants with Liquids

Titan’s Slug Catcher protects the gathering or central processing facility from large volume of liquids that may occur during a pigging operation. It uses an inlet diverter and a large retention capacity to remove sudden large bursts of liquids from a gas stream.  Similar to Two-Phase Separator, the Slug Catcher typically includes a crash dump valve to handle an abnormal volume of liquids. 

Features & Benefits that Ensure Performance

  • Available as fully engineered custom units or Titan standard design
  • Up to 96” diameter
  • ASME code stamped pressure vessel
  • Up to 1440 psig
  • Vane type or wire mesh mist eliminator
  • High and low level bridle controls
  • Sour service options
  • Crash dump level controller option
  • Manways and cleanout options
  • Skid mounted or free standing options