Thermal Oxidizer

Destroy BTEX and VOCs by more than 99%

Air pollution control is a legal EPA mandate. For systems that require maximum destruction efficiency of BTEX and VOCs, Titan’s Thermal Oxidizer is the right solution. It destroys benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX) and volatile organic compounds at a higher rate of efficiency than the BTEX Control Systems. In fact, our Thermal Oxidizer destroys or removes more than 99% of BTEX.  Outfitted with the latest control technology, system works by using a burner management system that maintains consistent elevated combustion temperature.

Features & Benefits that Ensure Performance

  • Available in Titan standard design
  • ASME code stamped pressure vessel
  • At least 99% destruction or removal of BTEX
  • Forced draft burners
  • Remote monitoring
  • Auto dial out
  • UPS backup